What is the Consumer Sustainability Industry Readiness Index (COSIRI)?

Learning the key concepts is an essential first step in any transformation journey, but that alone is not enough. Companies must next evaluate the current state of their manufacturing facilities.

COSIRI's integrated concepts and outputs offer immense value and utility to organisations and manufacturers embarking on their sustainability journey. By providing tangible and measurable outcomes, COSIRI empowers these entities to track and showcase their progress in driving sustainable change.

Assessment Purpose

The purpose of a Consumer Sustainability Industry Readiness Index (COSIRI) Assessment is to help companies identify the focus areas to kick-start their sustainability journey.

COSIRI dimensions results recommend the next steps to achieve Net Zero, risk mitigation, sustainable supply chain, procurement and more.

Assessment Scope

With the Consumer Sustainability Industry Readiness Index (COSIRI), we’re able to evaluate 24 dimensions of sustainability throughout your business, offering a comprehensive framework to guide manufacturers towards sustainable practices. From Strategy & Risk Management to Technology and Organisation & Governance, COSIRI is designed to help your business align with best practice in sustainability, ensuring transparency in ESG reporting and promoting continuous improvement.

Assessment Process

Our Certified COSIRI Assessor (CCA) will spend 2-3 days conducting the workshop that creates the next steps to reach Net Zero targets.

For an effective COSIRI Assessment participants should have a good knowledge of the processes and areas being assessed.

A group of 10-15 participants is an ideal size for a CCA to effectively manage discussions and derive useful insights.

Our Certified COSIRI Assessor (CCA) will work with you to collect the Prioritisation Inputs and validate the Prioritisation Matrix.

Analysis & Review

COSIRI creates a readable Star Emblem system to verify the company’s Net Zero transformation stage. This system indirectly takes into account various aspects of consumer behaviour, such as a consumer’s sustainability values and beliefs, purchasing behaviour, and willingness to pay a premium for sustainable products to minimise the impact on the environment. The official Star Emblem – valid for two years – will be given to the company after the completion of the COSIRI assessment. This emblem provides a quick overview of a company’s sustainability performance.

Debrief Session

Our Certified COSIRI Assessor (CCA) will present the report to the assessment participants, explaining the findings and the rationale behind them.

The CCA will provide insights and best practices that will help the company move to the next banding.

COSIRI Training
COSIRI Training

MidasDX is an Approved Training Provider delivering the Certified COSIRI Assessor Programme on behalf of the International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT). INCIT is an independent non-profit organisation, backed by the World Economic Forum, with the goal of driving industrial transformation throughout the global manufacturing sector.

As an approved COSIRI certification body, MidasDX COSIRI certification is recognised globally across all industries.

MidasDX have extensive industry experience in benchmarking, to assess the sustainability maturity of manufacturers. We work with organisations and individuals supporting them in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to begin their sustainability transformation journeys. Our COSIRI, SIRI and Industry 4.0 training programs utilise our industrial expertise and combine this with real world applications and case studies, coupled with in depth theoretical training to maximise training effectiveness and equip all participants with the skills to embrace sustainability and digitsation to deliver practical strategies and solutions in the future.

Courses available with MidasDX
Certified (COSIRI) Assessor Programme

The Certified COSIRI Assessor Programme consists of the 5-day COSIRI Assessor Training Course and a two-part CSA Examination.

Who Should Apply?

If you have a passion for sustainability, are keen to take a proactive, advisory role in reducing manufacturing’s carbon footprint, and want to catalyse ESG transformation in the industry, we welcome you to become a Certified COSIRI Assessor (CCA).

Certified (COSIRI) Assessor Examination

The Certified COSIRI Assessor Examination is a two-part, theory and practical examination, required to become a Certified COSIRI Assessor (CCA).

Who Should Apply?

The examination is for candidates who have completed the COSIRI Assessor Training Course and are considering becoming Certified COSIRI Assessors (CCA).

Certified (COSIRI) Assessor Programme – 5 Day Instructor Led Online Course
Consumer Smart Industry Readiness Index Training Course Details

This course is suitable for candidates who wish to become Certified COSIRI Assessors (CCA), or those who wish to fully understand and utilise the COSIRI frameworks and tools to apply the COSIRI Assessment methodology to manufacturing and enterprise processes.

What is Included?

Through the CCA Programme, MidasDX will help enable you to understand the sustainability maturity and ESG transparency of organisations, leading to the creation of ESG benchmarks. The Certified COSIRI Assessor Programme formally recognises independent and neutral individuals who can professionally assess a manufacturing facility using COSIRI and its accompanying frameworks and tools. The Scheme safeguards the integrity and consistency of the COSIRI assessment conducted by ensuring the quality and proficiency of COSIRI Assessors.

To become a CCA, individuals must first enrol for the COSIRI Assessor Training Course. The material provides an overview of Sustainability and the COSIRI frameworks (LEAD and TIER). The instructor led course provides detailed training on the process for conducting an Official COSIRI Assessment, including step by step instruction on the COSIRI Assessment process, which assesses 24 dimensions within Strategy, Risk Management, Sustainable Business Processes, Technology, Organisation, Governance, and GHG Emissions. The course also provides detailed understanding of the tools and materials used, business consulting concepts, professionalism and ethics, practical workshops to develop assessment and feedback techniques.


Candidates participating in the COSIRI examinations need to fulfil at least one of the criteria listed below. Non-participating candidates who are attending the training only do not need to meet any of the criteria.

  • Sustainability Expert – You have at lease 3 years of experience within a sustainability area.
  • Domain Expertise – At least 5 years of job experience relating to the manufacturing sector.
  • Consulting – At least 3 years of job experience relating to advisory work and activities. It is recommended that the applicant has at least 300 hours of project advisory / consulting experience and completed advisory engagements with a manufacturing Client.
  • Technology Consulting – You have been with an organisation for at least 3 years to improve manufacturers use of technology to achieve business goals. In this position you currently provide advice, solve technology / process / organisational problems, and drive increased efficiency or productivity.

COSIRI Assessor Certification Scheme – 2 Part Monitored Online Examination over 2 days

The COSIRI Assessor Certification Scheme ensures the integrity and consistent delivery of the Official COSIRI Assessment by evaluating the quality and capability of the CCA. Successful completion of the COSIRI Assessor Training Course allows eligible candidates, who meet the relevant prerequisites, to register for the CCA Examination.

The CSA Examination is a two-part process.

  1. A multiple choice, timed theory examination
  2. A practical application examination using case study material
More details on COSIRI and the CCA Certification Scheme can be found at Consumer Sustainability Industry Readiness Index (COSIRI) - INCIT